Fishing Report May 23, 2013

What a beautiful spring we are having up here in Truckee.  The weather has been pretty nice.  It is still freezing at night and keeping what little runoff we have left up on the hills. The flows not affected by dam release are at summer levels now.  And the dam releases have been steady for a few weeks but, I suspect a change is coming.   Water temps vary by location and are all over the map.  I have had readings of 46 to 60 in the same body of water.  Mid-day seems to be a the most active time frame right now.

Truckee River**   The big river is not so big in town (146 cfs) and at Boca it is a bit bigger at (701 cfs).  Both are fishable flows.  My seining slows that all of the bugs are present.  On the overcast days you can find March Browns and BWO’s hatching pretty consistently.  The sunny days has been BWO’s off and on.  Not many fish rising to them.  Although, I have had spotted fish take dries.  It is still a nymphing game right now.

Little Truckee River **  The LT is running at (447 cfs) and as busy as ever.  Doesn’t anyone work anymore?  Smaller stuff is the ticket here BWO’s and Midges.  Use some stealth and you should do pretty well.  Also, try working a streamer through some of the deeper pools.

Stampede, Boca, and Prosser**  Haven’t fished Prosser and Boca much yet and I am sure the bass are in play.  Prosser is still very low.  Had a chance to hit Stampede and it was good.  Rainbows and Kokanee where hitting on stripped streamers and small nymphs.  Dark and olive seemed to be the preferred morsel.

Milton***  The mosquitoes are really hungry here!  The bug spray works about 5 minutes and they are back.  Better hope it is really windy.  The fishing on the day I was there was really good.  There were rising fish and managed to catch a few on top.   Midges under an indicator were the ticket.  It was good so didn’t try many different set-ups but, emergers in the surface or just under would probably worked as well judging my the rise forms.

Milton Brown

Nice Milton Brown

North Yuba**  Haven’t been yet but, dropping into shape nicely.  Prospecting with a big Stimi and a dropper should let you know what is going on.

The Memorial Day weekend is coming up and it has already been busy here at times.   Expect to see some people out and try to use some etiquette.  Have a good weekend!

See you on the water,


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