It was a pretty busy Memorial Day Weekend up here.  Lots of folks out in the Truckee area, including Shooter and our guests, trying to dupe wiley trout.  The Truckee was stingy and the LT was too crowded so we ventured out a little further out to get away from the crowds and had some success.

Milton Reservoir ***  Milton was not on fire but consistant all day.  Not a ton of rising fish.  Went an hour without a grab at one point but, then the switch was turned and it was rolling for awhile.  Midges under and indicator and stripping PTs where the ticket for most of the day.  The late afternoon session was calibeatis on top!  Gotta love the surface takes.

North Yuba***  Much like Milton above you had to stick with it and move.  Lots of bugs out and about.  Mayflies, Stoneflies, and Caddis all are in play.  Good flows and water temps right now.  A big dry with a nymph dropper on a short line was the ticket.

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