Fishing Report April 21, 2014

Since my last post things have been pretty busy.  Went to the guide rendezvous in Montana and managed to fish a day on Rock Creek between the other activities.  Been getting some fishing in here on the Truckee and Little Truckee to keep things interesting. I think I have mostly wrapped up my ski season except for one more training date.  Time for some fishing.

Conditions here are set up pretty good for the general opener next Saturday the 26th.  There is some light runoff but, the water is staying clear.  That could change with a rain event.   Most of the areas around here are snow free at this time.

On Friday the 25th our local TU chapter #103 is having a fund raiser at the Blue Coyote in Truckee from 7-9pm $25 gets you in the door for pizza, beer, and super awesome raffle prizes.  Come out and support the local restoration efforts.

Truckee**-***  The flows on the Truckee in town are at 187cfs and at Boca 585cfs, completely fishable.  Temps have been ranging from 44 to 54 degrees.  Had some success with dries but, mostly been nymphing and catching some nice fish.  There are March Browns, BWOs, Midges, and Skwalas out and about.  The fishing was noticeably better with a little cloud cover.  Try nymphing with Mirco May 16-18, Stones 10, Midges 16-18, SJW’s, and Haresear 10-14.  Or, For dries try Skwala 10, Thorax dun 16-18, Parachute adams 16-18, Quigly Cripple 16-18 and Compara Dun 16-18.

Little Truckee** The flows on the LT are good at 278 cfs today and I forgot to take the water temp but it is probably in the mid 40’s.  Lots of Midges, BWO’s, and March Browns out on  the last trip.  Couple fish working but not that interested in surface presentations.  Nymphing was the ticket.  Try smaller Midges 18-22, BWO’s 16-22, and Little Brown Stone 16, SJW, Micro May 16-20, and WD-40 18-22.  The Rainbows are actively spwaning in the shallows.  Leave them alone and let them do their thing!

See you on the water,



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