Fishing Report April 22, 2017

We are in the spring transition time of our fishing season.  The wet weather keeps on coming in between sessions of awesome sunny weather.  The rivers are all higher then they have been in years and are expected to be up for awhile.  It is nice to get a good flush on the system and to see all of the changes that have occurred this winter.  There are a several new trees in the river as well as some rearrangement of the bottom and side channels.  That being said the fishing is not impossible and has actually been good for those willing to try some different tactics than those that work in the summer.

A couple of items to note.  We are still in “Winter Regulations” until next Saturday when the general trout season opens.  Also, use caution when wading!  The water is up, cold, and fast.  A wrong step could be a problem.  Besides the fish are on the edge.

With that in mind I have scheduled two “High Water Clinics” to deal with just this type of situation that we are facing.  The first date is May 13th and the second is May 21st.  The cost is $200 a person.  Contact me at 530-386-0525 to sign up.

Truckee River**-*** The flows in town are at 1,910cfs and 4,550cfs at Boca.  The mid-day water temp has been 45 degrees.  There are some Skwalas, Little Winter Stones, and BWO’s out and about but, have not seen any surface activity from the fish.  Nymphing and Streamer fishing has been the most productive.  For Nymphing try Pat’s Rubber legs 8-10, Mercer’s Poxyback Golden Stone 8-10, Flashback PT 12-14, SJW, Haresear 10-14, Birdsnest 10-14, and Prince Nymphs 8-10.  For Streamers Woolley Buggers 4-10 and Sculpin patterns.

Little Truckee River** The Flows are at 1,200cfs and I did not take a temp.  Plenty of bugs rolling around our there similar to the Truckee.  This ditch is really cranking so pay attention to where you step.  The fish are still spawning so if you see fish on their redds give them a break and let them do their thing.

Local Reservoirs**  The lakes are filling fast.  Boca has about the best access where Prosser and Stampede are just melting out enough to drive up there.  Stampede access across the dam is closed for construction.  Could be another couple weeks before these are ready to investigate.

See you on the Water,



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