Fishing Report April 29, 2016

The big “Fishmas Eve”  fundraiser party at the Blue Coyote tonight!  Our local TU “Trout Bum Chapter 103” will be hosting a Beer and Pizza party to raise funds for our local fisheries.  Last fall’s Little Truckee project is just one example of the projects we are involved in.  See you there!  4/29/16  7pm.  $30 entry fee and lots of prizes

The Truckee Area is in pretty good shape for the “General Trout Opener” tomorrow.  The are dirt roads have some soft spots around the reservoirs.  Don’t mess with the mud here!  The high country stuff is still a month or more out.  A lot of snow still on the north slopes.  With all of that snow expect the water levels to go up and down for some time.  Rain events will really produce spikes in flows.  For a change the weather this weekend looks pretty nice!

Looking for a Guide trip or a Class give me a call and we can set something up.

Truckee River**  The flows on the Truckee are 168cfs in town and 568cfs at Boca. Water temps have been cool in the Mid-forties.  Fishing has been up and down.  Still seeing Midges, BWOs, March Browns and a few Skwallas around.  Not much surface activity here but that should change over the next couple of weeks.  This time of year try many different patterns and move.  Fish the deeper slower runs.  Nymphing with larger Stones and a smaller Mayfly or Caddis dropper will usually do the trick.  Stripping large streamers is also worth a try.

Little Truckee River**-*** The flows here are down since last report to 35cfs with mid-day temp of 50 degrees.  The access road is open and dry.    A Dry Fly or Dry Dropper rig is probably pretty effective now given all of the algae and shallow water.  These fish are finishing up the spawn and somewhat grumpy.  So give a break if you see them on the Redds.  I did see a couple fish taking BWO’s in the eddy’s so some are hungry.  Midges and small Mayflies are the best best here right now.

Reservoirs **  Pressor, Boca, and Stampede  Good access to all three lakes at this time.  When driving around just watch the Mudd!   Streamers along the edges and deep drops should be a good.  Nymphing with large Midges and Mayflies will also work along the drops.  The reservoirs generally fish better early or late in the day.  Or, when there is some overcast.

See you on the water,


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