Fishing Report April 3rd 2015

The ski season is winding down this Sunday and it is time to get serious about fishing.  It has been super nice up here all winter and the fly fishing has been quite good for all of March.  There is a bit of a cool down and some weather coming this weekend into next week.  Now is the time to dust off the gear, get a new fly line and get up here!  The cycle seems to be quite a bit ahead of normal for this time of year.  Go figure with the warm winter the bugs and fish are ready to roll.  No need to worry about runoff.  We will need to worry about water mid summer.  Dry fly action has been good with Midges and Skwalas being the go to patterns.  We are still under the winter regulations until the last Saturday in April.

Truckee River**-*** The flows in Truckee are at 50cfs and probably won’t get better unless it rains.  It will be a short lived pulse when it does rain however.  Below Boca the flow 469cfs.  Mid-day temps have been pushing 50 degrees above Boca and with the increase flows below probably a bit cooler now.  Midges 18-22, Skwalas 10-12, and BWO’s 16-20 have been the bugs.  Fishing the heat of the day has been productive with Dries and droppers.  Watch closely for the rising fish.  The rises have been super subtle and easy to miss.

Little Truckee**-***  The flows are at 110cfs and the water temp is in the high 40’s.  Same as the Truckee for bugs and anything else that is small and different like the Little Brown Stone 16.  Indicator nymphing when the fish aren’t rising will be the most productive technique.

Local Reservoirs**  The inlet areas are your best bet at this time if you can find any flow.  The shallows are warming up and there are fish cruising in for an easy meal of Midges 18-22.  Walking the shore and stripping a streamer along drop offs has also been productive.

See you on the water,


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