Fishing Report August 10th 2015

The “Dog Days of summer” are upon us but, thanks to some cooler temps and rain conditions are pretty decent.  Oh, the fish are a bit wiser and your going to have to work a bit to dupe them.  The reservoirs are fishing well for Trout and Smallmouth bass.  I even managed to land an LCT in Boca to with the Kokanee before that.  The river option is the Little Truckee until August 17th when the water will be turned down for habitat restoration.  The project should be completed by September 7th and the water will be turned back up.  During this time frame please try and fish some other water.

With Steelhead season is just around the corner are casting heavy flies or sink tips giving you a problem?  Now, is a great time to work on your casting.  Give me a call and we can set up a class or book a Steelhead trip to the Klamath River.  I have several open dates the last two weeks in October for the Klamath River.

Truckee River *  Give the place a rest.  Low and warm.

Little Truckee River**-***  The flow is at 118cfs until around August 16th when it will be lowered for the Rehab project.  Those flows should last until Sep 7th.  Water temp is 58 degrees in the morning.  The LT is the only game in town so expect to see other anglers and share the water.  As I said last month, this time of year to be Stealthy!  Wear earth tone colored clothing, Not white or blaze orange! Approach the water quietly.  Lengthen your leader and try some smaller flies.  Mayflies, Midges, and Mirco Caddis are on the menu.

Milton Reservoir**-***  Milton has been seeing some action this season and despite the pressure it has been fishing pretty good.  Have some patience you may have to change setups several times to consistently hook up.  This fish seem to switch back and forth throughout the day.  Longer leaders and fine tippet are the key.  Try indicator nymphing in the deeper areas.

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede***  Don’t forget the bass are hungry too!  They like trout flies! Fish near rocky structure with Woolley Buggers on a tip or nymphs under an indicator. Haresear 12-14, PT’s 12-14, and Copper Johns 10-16 all seem to work. With the water so low in these Reservoirs the other fish: Rainbows, Browns, Kokanee, and Mackinaw are probably more accessible to the fly fisher than normal.  Managed to land an LCT and Kokanee last week.  For trout larger Midges 14-16 and Calibeatis have been great under an indicator and streamers have also been taking fish.

See you on the water,


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