Fishing Report August 2, 2014

Okay, it has been a busy week here.  Some may or may not know but the water from the Little Truckee to the Truckee was turned OFF on Wednesday effectively taking 260 cfs out the of Truckee River overnight.  Expected to happen but not all at once.  This left a short section of the LT dewatered and stranded and killed some fish.  Quick action by our TU Board members and DFG some of the others were successfully saved and returned to the Truckee.  Thank you! Stephan, Dave, others I don’t know, and the DFG for pulling this off.

Think about joining our local TU Chapter.  We have lots of projects coming up.

#Truckee River Trout Unlimited 103

We have some good fly fishing going on now and as we move into the “dog days” of summer be aware of higher water Temps and fish early and/or late in the day.  This past week of thunder storms has kept everything in pretty good shape temp wise on the rivers.   Once we are back in the clear and sunny mode then Temps will rise quickly during  heat of the day.  If you really have to keep fishing then move over the reservoirs and tap into some of the Smallmouth Bass on your fly rod.  They eat trout flies dries, nymphs, and streamers! Wanna catch a carp?  I steer you to that venue too.

See you on the water,


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