Fishing Report August 23, 2012

The thunderstorms last week gave a little boost to the fishing with the cloud cover and some rain.  The water is still fairly warm and flows are still steady.  Flows are going to change it is just a matter of when?  If you are not catching fish move.  Don’t plant yourself in one spot too long.

The Fly Tackle Dealer show was in town last week and I had a chance to get down there one day.  Some pretty cool new flies from the manufactures, a new inflatable drift boat, some cool tube fly parts, and Orvis introduced the Helios 2.  Got to fish a couple days with the Orvis boys and the various H2’s they brought along.  Very light, fast, and good to look at.  Paired with the right line H2 is money.


Truckee River**-***  The Big “T” is fishing pretty well.  Better in the morning than evening.  Flows are steady and water temps are 65 degrees in the morning and 68-70 in the evening.  Lots of big stones and caddis still around.  Fishing a big dry and dropper has been effective as well as indicator nymphing with a crawdad and smaller dropper.  Smaller Caddis and Mayfly patterns 16-18 dries and nymphs have been good.

Milton Reservoir*** The little reservoir is fishing pretty good.  It has been a little different each trip but, very fun once you unlock the code.  Sometimes they want a fat mayfly dry and others a streamer or, how about a midge.  The last trip was stripped streamers and midges under the indicator.   Picky fish!

High Country Lakes and Streams*** Rode up to a little creek I like last week to check it out and was blown away by the number of willing fish.  Only fished for a couple of hours and landed enough little Brookies to last a while.  Now is the time to hit the high elevation lakes and streams.  Grab the 2wt and take a couple of Caddis and Adams then hit up the little stuff.  Pretty fun!

I will be off on a lower Rogue river trip this weekend Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues and will not be answering emails or the phone.  If you are looking for guide service call Jay @ 530-414-1655.

See you on the water,



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