Fishing Report August 4, 2013

Welcome to the dog days of summer.  Just ask Shooter he’d rather sleep all day and run around all night.  Fish early and fish late.  The flows are starting to Jack around a bit so check them out before you go.  Follow the thermometer to find the cooler water and look for areas of shade.

How about a little help with the Habitat.  #TU has two projects going and is looking for volunteers to help.  Saturday, August 31st and Sunday September 8th.  Contact Adam Butler for more info at 760-920-8667 or

We are also looking for donations for our restoration projects on the LT and Prosser Ck. Check out to donate to the project or volunteer to help.

Truckee River**-***  The flows are slowly coming down with 368cfs in town this morning.  Like I said above fish early and late for the best success, especialy with dries.  And if you have to fish mid-day then deep nymphing in the big pools will be the best bet.  Tricos 18-20 seem to be making a appearance but Caddis 14-16 are still on the menu.  For nymphs try Stones 6-10, Prince Nymphs 6-16, Crawdads 6, Lite Bright Caddis 14-16, Copper Johns 12-16, and Haresear 12-16.

Little Truckee River**-*** Finally made the trip out to the LT this week and it was pretty good flows are UP at 80cfs.  The fish seemed to like it an were eating dries mid-moring on.  There are still some drakes 10 coming off but can’t imagine that lasting any longer.  PMD’s 14-16 are coming off as well with the usual assortment of Midges 20-22 and Beatis 18-20.  The fish are still spooky and a good presentation will get results.  A little tip here.  Don’t were a white t-shirt.

Milton *** The fish here have gotten a little wiser since my last visit and are starting to refuse some patterns.  Slow down the stripping or hang you stuff under an indicator.  Midges 18-20, Callibeatis 14-16, and Terrestrials 10 are on the menu.  The mid-day action was slow.

Prosser and Stampede **-** If you not getting the love from the trout try the smallmouth in Prosser and Stampede.  All of the standard trout flies will work.  Fish the rocky structure at the dams and around the shoreline.  Use a big rubber legged dry like a crystal stimulator and pop it.

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