Fishing Report August 6th, 2016

We made it through last weeks heat wave here in Truckee and conditions are holding up well given the fact we haven’t see rain in almost two months.  The “Dog Days” of summer are here!  Fish early or late.  Be prepared to try different tactics and use some stealth.  That white t-shirt your wearing isn’t helping you at all!  When the rivers are tough hit up Prosser and Stampede for some Smallmouth Bass action.

Truckee **-*** The flows in town are dropping daily and at 65cfs with afternoon water temps hitting 62-64 degrees.  Pay attention to temps above Boca.  They may get too warm in the Afternoons.  From Boca down flows are  holding steady at 434cfs with afternoon water temps are a little lower with the water coming out of Boca.   The dry dropper rig is pretty effective right now in the upper reaches and indicator nymphing is best below Boca inflow.  The bugs have started to change a bit in that there are fewer and getting smaller.  There are lots of Midges 16-18, Big Stones 8-10, Little Yellow Stones 14, BWO’s 16-18, , and Caddis 14-16.

Little Truckee** The flow has been ramped down to 45cfs over the last week.  It may take a few more days for the fish to adjust to this level.  You will have to adjust as well longer leader, smaller tippet, and a stealth approach to the water will help your success her.  The bugs are getting smaller as well  BWO’s 18-20. PMD’s 16, Caddis16-18,  Stones 16, and Midges 20-22.

North Yuba***  The flows are steadily dropping here and warming up as well.  Best to hit this early in the day!  Last week there were tons of large  Stoneflies 8-10 coming off but, fish were more into the Caddis and Caddis Emergers 14-16 that were around as well.  Also try Ants 12-16, and Mayflies 14-18.

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede***  This is the time hit up the Smallmouth.     The Smallmouth were into the smaller bugs hanging  under the indicator.  PT’s 12-14, Copper Johns 10-14, damsel nymphs 10, and Midges 12-16.  Also slow stripping streamers on a sinking line will get the grab.  Also, a great place to use your Balanced leeches from Pyramid.


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See you on the water,


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