Fishing Report December 18, 2015

Shooter and I have been busy working at Alpine Meadows, getting ready for Godzilla el Nino since we returned from guiding steelhead on the Klamath River in early November.  The weather has been mixed, cold and clear, to raining and snowing.   Already we are ahead of last year in rain and snow so things are looking good right now.  A bit too early to make predictions about next summer’s water situation.  Wouldn’t expect one solid winter to get us out of a statewide drought.  More storms are heading this way next week!

I haven’t been fishing much – just too busy at Alpine.  There is snow on the ground throughout the Truckee area.  Travel out to the river and parking may be problematic as we get more snow and the snow banks get bigger.  Head downstream toward the state line to get out of the deeper snow.  Remember we are in “Winter Regulations” mode.  This means sections of rivers that are open for fishing are: the Truckee from Trout Creek to the state line and the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede.  Winter regulations on both rivers  are artificial lures, barbless hooks, and zero kill.  The reservoirs are open year-round with general trout regulations.  The flows are 96cfs at Boca Bridge on the Truckee and 48cfs on the Little Truckee.  The water temps are cold.  I would suggest fishing the heat of the day.

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Happy Holidays,

Brian and Shooter



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