Fishing Report February 11, 2017

It has been awhile since my last report so I figured I better update.  The new year has brought record snow and water to the area.   Given the weather I have been super busy at Alpine and not getting much fishing done.   It is safe to say that government officials will now say we are not in a drought.  All flows are up except the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede and that could change.

Three things to know when trying to fish in our area after this much snow; Parking is a bear.  Most of the turnouts that we use in the summer are now snow storage.  There is anywhere from 18″ to 3′ of snow on the ground so getting to the water will require some work, snowshoes, skis, or snowmobile.  Winter regulations apply.  Zero kill and artificial lures or flies until the last weekend in April.  Consult the regs if you have questions.

Truckee River *-**  The flows are high and the water is off color and dropping.  Another rain event and it will jump back up in a few hours.  In town it is 774cfs and Boca is 3910cfs.  If you get our fish the edges and slower runs.  Nymphing or streamers are going to be the best bet.

Little Truckee**-***  The LT is at 115cfs.  If you can access the road then this is the place.  Small bugs run slow and deep should be money this time of year.  Look for this flow to change sometime soon.  Check the flow before you go.

See you on the water,


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