Fishing Report January 23, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 fishing season!  Shooter and I have been busy battling the snow and sometimes rain at Alpine.   With all the rain and snow conditions are starting to set up for good river flows this summer.  I can’t wait for things to slow down a bit and I can go wet a line.   Remember we are in “Winter Regulations” mode.  This means sections of rivers that are open for fishing are: the Truckee from Trout Creek to the state line and the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede.  Winter regulations on both rivers  are artificial lures, barbless hooks, and zero kill.  The reservoirs are open year-round with general trout regulations.

Truckee River *  The flow today after yesterdays storm is at 333cfs and I imagine the water temps are in the high 30’s.  Midges and BWO’s are out and about in the heat of the day.  Access is good with a little snow and mud in the parking areas.  There is less snow the further downstream towards Farad and the parking there is good.

Little Truckee River **  Flow here is up today to 52cfs and the water temps are similar to the Truckee.  Small bugs are key here.  Haven’t had a chance to try the newly rehabbed section but, I bet there are some fish hanging in there.  Access is good if you have a 4wd vehicle and good mud/snow tires.  Don’t try a passenger car here!

Reservoirs?  Prosser and Boca are frozen over still.  Did not make it to Stampede.  Donner has some open water if you just gotta get that fix.

Right now the skiing is way better than the fishing.  That will change.

See you on the slopes,


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