Fishing Report July 2, 2013

Is it hot enough for you?  Yes, it has been pretty warm all over the west.  Time to get in the river and do some fishing.  Wet wading has been really nice.  Overall the fishing has been good on the rivers and creeks.  Pay attention to the water temps and, as they move up, fish the pocket water.  Look for it to be very busy over the holiday week with many people recreating in many different ways out on the water.  Check the flows as they are changing.

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Truckee River***  The Truckee has been fishing quite good for my clients.  Hooking a number of fish and losing a number of fish.  Pretty fun!  The flows have dropped since last week.  In town it is 330cfs and at Boca it is 437cfs this morning.  Temps have been in the high 50’s to start and pushing 70 by evening.  Fish the pocket water with high stick techniques. Not much has changed for bugs. nymphs try:  Red Copper John 14-16, PT’s 14-16, Little Stone Nymphs 14-16, Caddis pupa 14, Birdsnest 14-16, and Green Drake Nymphs 10.  For Dries try:  Little Yellow Stones 14, E/C Caddis 14, Stimulators 8,  Green Drake Emerger 8 and Parachut Adams 10-16.

Little Truckee**-***  The flow have dropped a ton here since the last report and are 54 cfs this morning.  The fish are still eating PMD’s and Green Drakes yum!  Look for this to be a very busy place this week.  Try to be stealth and give the other anglers a break.

N. Yuba***  Still fishing well with dries.  Try fishing early and late in the day.  As it warms up fish in the pocket water.  If you can’t see your fly try a big stimulator with a smaller dropper. Mayflies14-18, Caddis14-16, Stones 10-16 and Terrestrials 10-16 should do the trick.

Milton***  Haven’t been to Milton in a couple of week but image the callibeatis are still in full swing.  Midges under an indicator in the morning, Callibeatis on top in the afternoon, and maybe some caddis for the evening rise.  During slow periods try slow stripping nymphs on a long leader.

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Happy Fourth of July,


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