Fishing Report July 21, 2015

Back in town and guiding away after my first raft descent of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.  Very surreal place.  Had a great time caught some nice rainbows and enjoyed some great big whitewater between hot beers, hot bourbon, and hot sand.  The side hikes were really cool just couldn’t do all of them.  Highly recommended if you like long adventures.

Here in Truckee the fishing is getting a bit tougher with no flows and warm temps on the Main Truckee River.  The thundershowers are only temporary help we could use a full on storm with inches of water.   Over on the Little Truckee the flows have been raised in Preparation for the TU sponsored rehab project that starts on Aug 15th.  During the time of construction the flows will be reduced to 15cfs.  Do I have to tell you not to fish here during that time?  Afterward the flows will be restored to somewhere in the 40 to 50cfs range.  The project was a long time coming and I can’t wait to see the results.

Truckee River *  Give the place a rest.  Low and warm.

Little Truckee River**-***  The flow is at 86cfs until around August 15th when it will be lowered for the Rehab project.  Those flows should last until Sep 7th.  Water temp is 58 degrees in the morning.  The LT is the only game in town so expect to see other anglers and share the water.  Like I always say this time of year to be Stealthy!  Wear earth tone colored clothing, Not white or blaze orange! Approach the water quietly.  Lengthen your leader and try some smaller flies.

N. Yuba***  It is now a morning only game as the water is getting too warm by 1pm.  Dry fly heaven with Caddis 16-18, Stoneflies 16-12, and Ants 14 getting the grabs.  The fish are in the bigger pools but the eaters are in the pocket water.  Fish the seams where you can see your fly and manage the drift.  You better be quick!

Milton Reservoir**-***  It is getting a little tougher out here but, the fish can still be caught.  Midges in the morning and Calibaetis in the afternoon.  Long leaders and fine tippet are the key.   Anybody caught a rainbow here lately?

Prosser and Stampede***  Don’t forget the bass are hungry too!  They like trout flies! Fish near rocky structure with Woolley Buggers on a tip or nymphs under an indicator. Haresear 12-14, PT’s 12-14, and Copper Johns 10-16 all seem to work. With the water so low in these Reservoirs the other fish: Rainbows, Browns, Kokanee, and Mackinaw are probably more accessible to the fly fisher than normal.  Fish early in the day.

It is a great time to work on your casting.  Give me a call and we can set up a class.

See you on the water,


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