Fishing Report July 26th, 2014

Since the last report we have had some thunder storms and a couple of good rain events.  The days and nights have been a bit cooler and this has allowed the fishing to stay pretty darn good.  The flows that were supposed to drop didn’t.  Dry fly action is good early and late in the day.  Be aware of the mid-day water temps on the Truckee are getting pretty warm.  Overall the fishing is great.

As the summer progresses here I have some great opportunities for#Smallmouth Bass and #Carp.  Both are fished with fly rods and trout flies.  No need to change gear.  Give me a call and we can setup a Carp or Bass trip.  Loads of action and fun.

Truckee**-*** The flows in town this morning are 187cfs and at Boca 459cfs.  The rains last week gave the lake a boost and the flows actually went up for a day or so but, now they are dropping about 3-5cfs each day.  Temps in the morning have been good in the low 60’s and hitting 70+ by mid afternoon.  Another rain event would be great!  Smaller attracter patterns have been great on top.  My favorite has been a small Stimulator in 16. other patterns to try for dries Thalkens Double Dutch 8-10, Stimiulater 10-16, Quigley Cripples 10-16, Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14-16, Little Yellow Stones 14-16, and Parachut Adams 14-16. For nymphs  PT 12-16, Birdsnest 12-16, Mirco May 16-18, Soft Hackles 14-16, Stones 10-16, Midges 16-18, SJW’s, Caddis 14-16, Prince 10-14, 20 incher 8-10 and Haresear 10-16.  Streamers in the 6-10 range should also work early and late in the day.

Little Truckee**-***  The flows here are at 48cfs and should be around that for the near future I am told.   I haven’t been out there this week but I here others have and it is fishing well depending on you skill level and patience.  Try to use some stealth getting around and drop the size of your gear. For Dries try PMD 16-18, BWO’s 16-20, Parachute Adams 16-20, Quigley Cripples 16-18, Griffiths Gnat 16-20, EC Caddis 18, and Elk Hair Caddis 16-18,   Nymphing with Midges 18-22, BWO’s 16-22, SJW, Micro May 16-20, and WD-40 18-22.

North Yuba***  The river got a boost from the rain last week as well and the fishing with small dries is pretty good.  They have wised up a bit and you will need to get good presentation to get the grab.  Smaller size 14-18 Caddis, Ants, and Stones are all you need here.

Prosser and Stampede*** The smallmouth are eating right now.  With the reservoirs being so low this season is a good time to try and catch one of the monsters on a fly rod.  The little dudes will crush most dry flies without hesitation.  The larger ones you have to work for.  For dries Stimulator 8-10, Turcks Trantula 8-10,  Parachute adams 14, and hoppers 10.  Under the bobber Copper Johns 12-16, BHPT 12-16, Haresear 12-14, and midges 14-18.

See you on the water,


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