Fishing Report June 19th, 2014

We have been enjoying a nice bit of cool weather with some strong winds as well.  The good thing is the fish love it and the bite is on all over.  From the Truckee to the North Yuba the fishing is happening.

Truckee River*** The flows in Truckee is up a little to 309 cfs and down a little this week at Boca at 574cfs.  Water temps are good with 56 at noon today.  Hatches are happening throughout the day just have to be in the right spot.  PMDs, Caddis, Little Yellow Stones and Green Drakes.  Dry fly action is really good for those that can hit a target.  The question is which way to go, up, down, or stay around town?  Its all good.

Little Truckee***  The flows are down a bit at 151cfs.  Look for this to keep dropping.  The overcast days have been banner.  Drakes and PMDs and BWOs are all popping.  Which one will they eat?  Many fly changes and many misses super fun dry fly action.

North Yuba**-*** The fish are getting a little selective at certain times of the day and you actually may have to change flies to keep the crazy hookup rate going all day.  Try walking further from the road.  The flows are down so it pretty good traveling.  Caddis, Little Yellow stones, and Goldens Stones are on the menu here.

I have several days open next week.  Give me a call and I will show you some of the fun happening here.

See you on the Water,



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