Fishing Report June 23, 2016


The fishing in the Truckee Area is ON!

Truckee **-*** The flows in town are at 150cfs and at Boca 454cfs with afternoon water temps 58-60 degrees.  BWO’s 14-16, Some PMD’s 14, and Caddis 14-16 are out and about.  The fishing has improved since last week but still switching between nymphing and dries.  Depending on the section you fish there may be some Green Drakes but, I have found them yet.

Little Truckee***  The flow is 101cfs and I didn’t take a temp this time. It’s cold.  Plenty of bugs hatching on and off throughout the day providing some great topwater action.  BWO’s 16-18. PMD’s 14, Caddis16-18, Little Yellow Stones 14-16, and Midges18-20.  The fish seem to be keying on any of the mayfly duns and emergers at this time.  To get the grabs the fly needs to be well presented and drag free.  Maybe don’t wear a white shirt and you might see a few more fish to target.

North Yuba***  The flows are good the water is cold here and fish are eating.  Stoneflies 8-10, Caddis 14, Ants 10-12, and a few Mayflies 12-16 are coming off here.  Good Dry Fly action throughout the day.  Nymphing in the deeper pools might get the bigger guys.

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede**  The local reservoirs are probably as full as they are going to get for the year.  The fish are more spread out than in the last couple of seasons. Plus there is a ton of new cover with all the weeds and willows being flooded.  The bass should be finishing the spawn and starting to get more active along the shoreline.

Milton**-*** Milton is fishing like Milton.  It can be finicky at times.  There are Midges 18-22, Calibeatis 14, March Browns 14, and Ants 10 when the wind blows in the afternoon.  Nymphing under an indicator and slow stripping Mayfly nymphs has been the best throughout the day.

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