Fishing Report June 24, 2013

The weather man said it would rain today and he was right, its raining.  Love it we need the water.  Conditions here in the Tahoe-Truckee are couldn’t be more perfect for flyfishing then now.  This cool down should keep the water temps down for a few days and make for some good fishing under the cloud cover.  All of the bugs are in play at this time Caddis, Stones, Midges, and Mayflies.  It is Green Drake time for the next week or so.  Some have already started coming off this week.  Remember you can check the flow here

Truckee River**-***  The flow in Truckee is at 346 cfs and at Boca it is 610 cfs this morning.  The bulk of the water is coming from Lake Tahoe.  Water temps have been starting out in the Low 50’s and breaking 60 by mid afternoon.  No one bug has been the ticket here mix it up and you’ll hook some fish.  High stick nymphing and dry dropper rigs are a good bets.  The fish are looking up mid-morning on and with the cloud cover.  For nymphs try:  Red Copper John 14-16, PT’s 14-16, Little Stone Nymphs 14-16, Caddis pupa 14, and Green Drake Nymphs 10.  For Dries try:  Little Yellow Stones 14, E/C Caddis 14, Stimulators 8,  Green Drake Emerger 8 and Parachut Adams 10-16.

Little Truckee River**  The flow here is 215 cfs.  PMDs and Green Drakes are coming off during the day and a few fish coming up for them.  At times there are more people then fish on certain holes.  The fish still eat you just may have to change flies a bunch.  For dries: Parachute Adams 16-20, Quigly Cripple, 10-16, Green Drake 10, Ants 10-16 and Callibeatis Cripple 14-16.  For Nymphs: Copper John 14-18, PT’s 10-16, SJW, Mirco Mays 16-18. and PMD 14-16.

Remember there is TU BBQ this Friday on the LT.  All are welcome and you can get your $15 tickets here

North Yuba ***  The flows are still good here and so is the dry fly fishing.  Caddis, Mayflies, and Small Stimulators 14-16 are the ticket.  As this one gets smaller and warmer try fishing early and late in the day.  Check out Downieville or Sierra City for lunch.

Milton***  This little reservoir has been doing well.  Midges 18-20 in the morning and Callibeatis 14 in the afternoon.   In the slow period try stripping PT’s 14 or Birds Nests 14 on an intermediate line.  Take the bug spray the skeeters are hundry.

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See you on the Water,


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