Fishing Report June 8th, 2015

The fly fishing has been super lately!  If your into dry flies now is the time and all bugs are in play.  Ants started last weekend and are still around.  The caddis have come on strong on the Truckee as well.  Have not seen any green drakes yet but probably this week.  The rain we had in April and May has greened the place up nicely.  We are still at low flows and expect the dam controlled waters to drop at any time.  More rain would be great!

Truckee River ***  The flows are 34cfs in town, 102cfs at Boca, and 142cfs at Farad.  Water temp are at 60 mid-day.  Dries and Dry Dropper techniques have been getting it done.  Lots of Mayflies, Caddis, and Little Yellow Stones.

Little Truckee River **-*** The flows here are 65cfs and the temps are Low 60’s mid-day.  The usual assortment of little Mayflies and Midges are around.  The Big Ant has been getting it done here.

N. Yuba***  The flow here is around 146 cfs.  A little more water than over on the Truckee side.  Stones, Ants, Mayflies, and Caddis are all on the menu.  Great action on a lighter rod like 2 or 3 wt.  The fish tend to be a little smaller here but, really love to crush dries.

Milton Reservior****  On fire!  And, yes others know about this little gem.  Ants are the ticket for a little longer then the fish will wise up and get more selective.

See you on the water,


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