Fishing Report June 9th, 2013

Hope that you got out and enjoyed the amazing week we have had up here.  It is cooler today and should be for a few days cause it was hot this weekend!  What little snow is left on the hills will be running down this week.  Had a few thunderstorms but, nothing with significant rainfall to add to the water supply.  The fishing has been fair to great depending on the water temps and flow.  Look for the bugs to really start popping over the next couple weeks.  Green Drakes, PMD, BWO’s, Little Yellow Stones, and even some March Browns are all getting ready to go.  Follow the temps to find the best fishing.

Truckee**-***  The flow has increased from Tahoe and with that so has the water temp.  Saturday saw a 10 degree swing from 58 a 9am to 68 by 3pm.  That is alot and very warm for this time of year.  Flows in Truckee are 220cfs but warm.  Below Boca the water is cooler and the flow is 586cfs.  All bugs are in play with windows of opportunity for rising fish mid morning and early evening.  As it warms up move into the pocket water.

Little Truckee**  The flow here has decreased since the last report to 201cfs.  Very fishable with good water temps.  Small Beatis and caddis are on the menu here.  Going to need some skills to catch this fish.  Stomping up to the edge in a white t-shirt and slapping the water to a foam isn’t going to work!  Sneak up from behind and lay it down softly.

Prossor, Boca, Stampede**  The water temps have warmed up a bit and the Smallmouth are getting more active in Prosser and Stampede.  Looks like we missed the Kokanee in close this year as they have moved on to the deeper water already.  Midges, Calibeatis, and Ants are out with the occasional fish on the surface.  Best action was pulling streamers.  A dark olive or black wooley bugger will do the trick.

N. Yuba*** Better get to this one soon cause the water is getting low and will warm up pretty quick.  Big Stones, Little Yellow Stones, and Caddis are getting the attention here.  These fish are small and super aggressive to a dry fly.  A 13 inch fish is a big one.  Great on a light weight rod.

Milton*** Tons of smaller fish in here and action has been good throughout the day. Nymphing under an indicator, Dries, and stripping nymphs has all been successful.  Lots of Midges and Callibeatis around.

Looking to improve your skills give me a call and we’ll schedule a school.

See you on the water,



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