Fishing Report March 31, 2016

Looks like we will be coming into a nice clear warm spell after the recent storms.  These latest storms have left us is pretty good shape this season.  To date we are at 105% for snow and 124% for water at the Alpine study plot.  Some of that water has already runoff so it is hard to stay but, I bet, we will have good flows until the beginning of August and then it will drop off.  Plus, we have time to get more water.

Remember, we are in “Winter Regulations” mode.  This means sections of rivers that are open for fishing are: the Truckee from Trout Creek to the state line and the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede.  Winter regulations on both rivers  are artificial lures, barbless hooks, and zero kill.  The reservoirs are open year-round with general trout regulations.  This will all change on April 30th.

Truckee River **  The big river has dropped to 689cfs at Boca and had a mid-day temp of 44 degrees.   Anglers have been picking fish up on streamers and nymphing rigs in the deeper slower runs.  Its still winter and the water is cool.  I Skwallas are out in numbers  and so are BWO’s, and Midges.  I can imagine that some fish will be looking up and you would have good success if you spotted it first rather then fishing blind.

Little Truckee River*** The flows here are down since last report to 40cfs with mid-day temp of 42 degrees.  The access road is mostly dry.  Small brown stones and Skwallas are out and bout.  I hooked fish using streamers, dries, and under the bobber.  A dry dropper rig is probably pretty effective setup and forget it method right now given all of the algae that is blooming on the bottom.

Also, note that the Rainbows are starting to spawn and if you spot some fish on redds leave em alone to do their thing.

Reservoirs **  Pressor, Boca, and Stampede have iced out and I can imagine that the given the flow coming in right now that Streamers along the shore should be a good bet and on those calm overcast days.  It is mud season now around the reservoirs so be careful where you try to drive.

See you on the water,


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