Fishing Report May 14, 2016

The Truckee area streams and rivers are experiencing some runoff for the first time in four seasons.  Looks like we should be in pretty good shape for this summer.  The reservoirs are also coming up although I don’t think that they will get completely full, especially Stampede which was really low to begin with this year.  With the Truckee high and cold its time to give Prosser, Boca, and Stampede a shot. With all the water coming in the inlets should be prime right now.

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Truckee River**  We are having some great runoff for the first time in four years!  The flows in town are 382cfs, Boca Bridge 744cfs, and the water is slightly colored up with temps in the low 50’s.   Not much dry fly action happening here mostly a nymphing game right now.  Your going to need some weight to get down to the fish.  Target the deeper, soft seams and pools. Nymphing with Pheasant tails 14-18, FBPT 14-18, Haresear 14-18, Stones 8-10, Copper Johns 14-16, Princes 8-10, SJW,  Zebra Midges 16-18, and Birdnest 14-16.

Little Truckee River**-*** The flows on the LT are at 88 cfs and the temps are in the low 50’s.  Finally getting a flush of water through this stream and the LT should start fishing really well.  Going to need to use some stealth to dupe fish here.  Expect to see some hatches here of Small 16-24 Midges, Mayflies, and caddis.  May also see a hatch of Anglers with the Truckee high so play nice.

Prosper, Boca, and Stampede***  The reservoirs are filling up nicely and with all that water coming in the inlets should be a good bet.  Surface water temps were 54 mid-day.  Mostly Midges 16-18 and some Callibeatis 14 have been coming off.  Noticed some smaller ants 14 as well.  Streamers 6-10 on an intermediate line are worth a shot as well.  Move around until you start finding the fish.  A float tube or boat will help here but not needed.

See you on the water,


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