Fishing Report May 8 2014

Just want to give our TU sponsors and all of the attendees at Fishmas Eve a big Thank you!  for the support.  Great to see all of you getting together to support our projects and

Truckee **-***  The flows are up to 225cfs in town and 744cfs at Boca this morning.  The water keepers are starting to let more out of Tahoe and Boca.  The water temps in the afternoon are in the low 50’s   The conditions are pretty similar the my last report.  There are a fair amount of bugs out on the overcast days and I have seen a few fish working.  You will still want to hang a nymph under your dry or run an indicator rig for best results.  Try nymphing with Mirco May 16-18, Stones 10, Midges 16-18, SJW’s, and Haresear 10-14.  Or, For dries try Skwala 10, Thorax dun 16-18, Parachute adams 16-18, Quigly Cripple 16-18 and Compara Dun 16-18

Little Truckee**  The flows here are up a bit at 372cfs this morning.  Fishing has been a little hit and miss.  The majority of rainbows are done spawning but, remember the redds are still there protecting the youth so try to avoid walking through them.  Much like the Truckee overcast days could produce a decent hatch but, in is still a subsurface game. Nymphing here is the ticket try smaller Midges 18-22, BWO’s 16-22, and Little Brown Stone 16, SJW, Micro May 16-20, and WD-40 18-22.  Streamers are also worth a shot with the higher flows.

I am slowly checking out the other venues.  The reservoirs are all way low for this time of the year.  My scouts tell me of the occasional smallmouth but, I have gone there yet.  The N. Yuba should be in excellent shape a worth a try in the lower reaches.  The Middle Feather is prime right now with Beatis and March Browns.  As I get around I will update the report for theses area but, if you have questions please contact me and I will try to answer them.

Coming up in June I will doing a Truckee Sampler.  Two days of fishing various locations and working on techniques.  The cost is $300 for the two days.  Contact me for more details and to sign up.

see you on the water,


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