Fishing Report Nov 19, 2012

Since my last report I took a vacation to Italy and Greece for a little sight seeing and road biking.  Tuscany region of Italy is where I spent the most of my time and barely covered it.  Excellent riding and the food was really good.  Why can’t I get coffee like that here?  Next ventured over to Greece and the island of Crete.  Spent quite a few days in Chania and really liked the people, the town, and the food was excellent.  I could easily go back to either place again.

Okay so back to the fishing report:

Winter regulation time  Now the Truckee is open from Trout Creek to the stateline and the Little Truckee is Open between Boca and Stampede only.  Both are artificials only and no bait.   The reservoirs are open with general regulations.

Tips for winter fishing  Dress apporpriately it gets cold here when the sun goes behind the ridge.  The fish are cold too and don’t need as much food so work the likely holding areas slowly and methodically.   Water temps in the 30’s and I would go skiing.  Look for warm sunny days where the solar radiation can move the water temp a couple of degrees by mid-afternoon.  The fish tend to hold in the slower softer water.  My suggestion is to ski in the morning and fish in the afternoon.  Nymphing will be the most productive method, however, occasional hatches of BWO’s, and Midges do happen.  The chance of catching a fish on the dry in winter is very exciting.

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