Fishing Report November 24, 2013


Welcome to late fall. Transition time for me between skiing and fishing.  Beautiful blue bird days, freezing morning temps, and no snow yet.  Time to tie a few flies and wait for the temps to come up this afternoon before venturing out.  At this time the access is good just fish the heat of the day for best success.  The reservoirs can offer some pretty decent action right off the back this time of year and its worth checking out.

A little reminder that the fishing regulations have changed!  We are in the “Winter Regs” mode.  That means the Truckee from Trout Creek to Stateline in open to fishing with barbless hooks and it is ZERO kill.  The same goes for the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede.  The reservoirs are open with no change to the regs.

While it is the holiday shopping season it is a good time to ask Santa for a gift certificate for next seasons trip.  Or, you can do some shopping your self off Proguidedirect right on my homepage.

Truckee River **  The flows on the big T are currently 165 cfs in town and 333 cfs at Boca.  Pretty normal for this time of year.  Water temps are cool so fish the heat of the day in the deeper slower runs.  Make a few extra passes, the fish are slow, before moving on.  Nymphing with Midges, BWO’s, and smaller Stones is the best tactic.   With some cloud cover there might even be some hatches so be observant.

Little Truckee***  The LT flow are perfect at 99 cfs.  Much like the Truckee nymphing with small mayflies and midges is going to be the best tactic.  While occasional hatches can be expected on the overcast days.

Local Reservoirs **-*** With these conditions good midge fishing can be found this time of year simply walking the shoreline of our local impoundments.  Boca and Stampede are good for this.  But, Donner Lake and Prosser Reservoir also can have midges coming off and fish rising to the surface to eat them.   Also, stripping streamers can be effective as well.

Do the Snow Dance,


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