Fishing Report October 18, 2013

I have been roaming around Northern California checking out the steelhead fishing on the  Klamath and Rogue Rivers.   The Klamath has been pretty awesome with solid fishing every day.  Been  swing flies on the spey rod and nymphing or swinging from the boat between runs.

At the beginning of the month the fish were hitting anything that was swung, drifted, plopped, and/or slapped in their general direction.  Even the salmon were trying to get in on the fun!   Now, as the water has cooled the Steelhead are starting to key on buggy stuff.  October Caddis patterns have been popular and well as Stone fly patterns.  Caught a nice Steelhead on an October Caddis dry fly just yesterday.

Whether your a Spey Rodder or Single hand person the setup for swinging flies is pretty simple, a floating shooting head, leader, and your fly of choice.  Target the tailouts, riffles, and boulders.  The fish are moving and some runs have fish one day and none the next so check out several runs.  No need for a tip yet.  Hey, single hand guys the Orvis bank shot line is working really well for this technique!!!

The nymphing rigs are straight forward just higher test leader (10 lb would be good) indicator, and bugs.  So far Stoneflies in all sizes have been “The Fly”.  Princes and large Birdnests have also accounted for some fish.  Egg patterns have also worked but it seems a bit early for that and the standard bugs have worked fine.  Target the deeper water, inside seams, boulders, and faster riffles.

I will be back in Truckee and update the report in a couple of weeks.  My scouts tell me the Truckee is fishing great.  Jay form Jay Clark Fly Fishing says the Middle Feather is fishing good as well as Davis Lake.  For those trying to contact me the cell service and internet is minimal in the Klamath drainage.  FYI  from I-5 to Happy Camp there is nothing.  I will check messages every few days.

See you on the water,


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