Fishing Report October 8th, 2012

What a great fall we are having!  Beautiful weather, steady flows, and no crowds.   The nights are starting to get colder with a little frost here and there in the mornings and 60’s by mid afternoon.   The flow from Tahoe has been dropped some but, Donner Lake outflow has increased so a very minor change last week for the Truckee.  The area lakes are fishing good as the Kokanee and Browns are starting there spawning runs and staging at the inlet areas.  A little rain would be nice to settle the dust and move the fish around some.

Truckee River **-***  The Big “T” is fishing well. If you are not having success move to another spot.  Water temps are running 58-64.  There are some afternoon hatches of smaller 18-22 midges, mayflies, and caddis.   The fish are not rising alot but, a well presented dry will still get there attention.  Nymphing is the more productive method at this time with the above mentioned bugs.  Streamers are also worth a toss this time of year and managed to picked up a couple of fish on a steamer last week.

Boca, Prosser, and Stampede**-***  The Kokanee are staging at the inlet areas if the haven’t already started up the creeks.  The Browns are there as well.  Plenty of Midges 16-18, Callibeatis 14-16, and BWO’s 16 coming off mid morning.  Lots of fish cruising the shorelines picking off easy meals of duns and spinners.  Get there early and try fishing under an indicator and then switch to dries when they start working the shore line.  This is great as long as its not super windy so hit it early before going to the river.

Boca Rainbow

N. Yuba.*** This little gem is fishing pretty good.  The water temps are 51 in the morning and 55 in the afternoon.  Fishing later in the day was more productive but, still got fish right out the gate in the morning.  Midges 18-22, Mayflies 18-20, and Caddis 16 were on the menu.  Saw a few October caddis around and tried them with out success.  Nymphing the deeper pools and a dry dropper rig in the shallower pocket water picked up fish all day.  The water is clear and the fish are spooky.

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