Fishing Report September 16th, 2014

Thanks for checking in.  If your reading this you are probably wonder what is going on up here?  Yes, we still have some water.  Yes, the fish are bitting!  I have been doing some traveling and less fishing around here until this past weekend.  The water has dropped more and will continue to fall until we get multiple inches of rain.  The fishing on the Little Truckee and Truckee remains good.  Milton and the other reservoirs are also fishing well.

Time to look ahead to Steelhead season.  During October I will be guiding on the Klamath River with Wild Waters Fly Fishing and have some dates that are still open.  Shoot me an email or give me a call and we will try to find a date that fit our schedules.

Truckee River*** The Flows are clear and running at 23cfs above town with Donner Creek adding 52cfs and its 83cfs below Boca.  Temps are great with 58 in the morning and rising to 64 degrees in the afternoon.  There is a nice little Caddis hatch in the morning with some days and areas heavier than others.  Drys or Dry Dropper is a really good technique right now.  For flies the E/C Caddis 16-18 and Fox Poopah 16-18 have been the ticket.  Also try Thalkens Double Dutch 8-10, Stimiulater 10-16, Quigley Cripples 16–18, Caddis 16-18,  and Parachut Adams 16-20. For nymphs  PT 14-20, Birdsnest 14-16, Mirco May 16-20, Soft Hackles 16-20, Stones 10-16, Midges 16-20, Prince 10-14,  Electric Caddis 16 and Haresear 10-16.

Little Truckee**-*** The water has a little color to it and is flowing at 41cfs.  Didn’t get the temp but it felt warm.  The usual residents are still there and saw some Kokanee in the lower reaches.  Saw no rising fish.  Sight fished with dry dropper rig and the fish were eating the nymphs. For dries Attractor pattens, Caddis 16-20,  and Parachut Adams 18-22 and Midges 18-22. For nymphs  PT 18-20, Mirco May 16-20, Soft Hackles 16-20, Midges 18-20, Poopah 16-18, and Electric Caddis 16-18.

Milton**-*** The fish here have wised up a bit.  They are still eating and catchable.  You will need to run longer leaders and 6x tippet in most situations.  Darker mayflies 14-18 and small 18-22 midges are working pretty well.

North Yuba*** The flows have been holding up well.  Worth a look with dry flies and the shorter rods.  Probably have it all to yourself during the week.  E/C Caddis, Ants and Parachute Adams would be my go to flies.

See you on the water,





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