Fly Fishing Report Aug 21, 2015

The stillwater fishing is the thing to do in the area right now.  Both Trout and Bass are in play on the local reservoirs.  The Truckee is getting lower and could still use a break until we get some water.  Over on the LT the rehab project has started and water has been turned way down so please give those fish a break and head out to one of the local reservoirs.  I have been having good success with the Trout and Bass.  You never know what you might catch!

Milton Reservoir**-***  Milton has been seeing some action this season and despite the pressure it has been fishing pretty good.  Like I said in the last report, have some patience you may have to change setups several times to consistently hook up.   No two days have been the same.  One day they were on the Midges 16-20, the next day they were on the little Mayflies 16-20, and the third day it was Streamers 8-10.  When fishing on the surface or indicator nymphing longer leaders and fine tippet are the key.

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede***  Smallmouth Bass or Trout or both take your pick.  Smallmouth like rocky structure close to deep drops where nymphs under an indicator or Woolley Buggers on a sink tip are productive.  Try slow stripping a Woolley Bugger on a floating line in the shallower water.  For nymphing try Haresear 12-14, PT’s 12-14, Aggravators 8-12, and Copper Johns 10-16 all seem to work. For trout larger Midges 14-16 and Calibeatis have been great under an indicator and stripping streamers have also been taking fish.  You may have to switch up depth and retrieve until your find what is working.

It is a great time to work the on casting.  Classes available anytime.

See you on the water,


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