Fly Fishing Report August 13th

Recently, took a week off and did a little motorcycle trip from Washington State to Truckee CA.  Had blast and checked out some parts of Oregon that I haven’t seen before.  Since I have been back it has been pretty warm here.  The fish are still active early and late.  During the day try to find the cooler water and shade.  Now is the time to head up to the higher elevation lakes and streams.  The Smallmouth Bass bite is pretty good at Prosser and Stampede as well.

Truckee River**-*** The flows are still good and the fish are still looking up.  Water temps have warmed up and hitting 70 by mid-afternoon.  The fish are really digging the pocket water right now.  Caddis, Midges, Mayflies, and Stones are all on the menu.  High sticking with a dry dropper rig is a great all around tactic this time of year.

Little Truckee River** Pretty tough fishing for the novice angler.  Water flows are good and temps at the lower end have been in the mid to high 50’s by mid-day.  There are some good hatches of Midges and Beatis here throughout the day.   Some stealth and a longer leader will help your chances here.

N. Yuba*** Great dry fly action for smaller fish.  Stay above Downieville and it will be somewhat cooler.  Wet wading through the deeper pocket water is the way to go.  Fish the morning or evening sessions and take a break during the middle of the day.  Caddis and an Ant are probably all that you’ll need all day.

Milton Res.**-*** Fish are getting smart here, too, and taking a break during the heat of the day. During the morning smaller Midges and Beatis(18-22) are getting the looks.  Some Damsels and Callibeatis are around mid-morning.  May have to mix it up to get a grab.  Later in the day stripping streamers and nymphs on a Type II line will get the fish’s attention.

Prosser and Stampede*** The bass fishing is what’s happening here and a nice change of pace from the finicky trout.  Might even catch a trout, too.  Bass aren’t too picky and will probably eat the same rig you were fishing on the Truckee.  Rubber Legged Stimulators make a decent popper on top and going deep with a crawdad or streamer is good as well.  Damsels and Callibeatis are around in decent numbers as well

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See you on the water,



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