Fly Fishing Report July 15, 2013

We have had a nice cool down since the last report.  It has been very nice in the morning and warming up by noon.  Still managing to catch fish throughout the day just have to work a little more during the mid-day timeframe.  It has been very nice wet wading as well.


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Truckee River*** The Flows on the Truckee have bumped up since the last report.  In town it is 406 cfs and at Boca it is 442cfs.  Water temps are varying between 55-65, perfect for fishing.  Did some seining this week and there are lots of Goldstones, Caddis, Mayflies, and Baby Crawdads in the river.  Plenty of meals for a hungry trout.  Nymphing in the pocket water or using the dry/dropper method in the shallower water is getting it done.  The mayflies have dropped a size or two.  For dries try Caddis 14-16, Parachute Adams 14-18,  C0mpara Dun 14-18, Stimulater 8-10, Quigly Crippe14-16, and E/C caddis.  For nymphs try Gils G-6 caddis 14-16, lite bright caddis 14-16, Birdnest 14-16, Golden Stone nymphs 8-10, Prince nymphs 8-16, and Pt’s 14-18.

LT**  The LT is really busy and the flows are 41cfs.  Haven’t been going out there.

North Yuba ***  The N. Yuba is fishing good with water temps peaking in the mid 60’s.  Dry fly heaven here for feisty little Rainbows and an occasional Brown Trout.  Try Caddis 14-14, E/C  Caddis 14-16, Little Yellow Stones 14, Parachute Adams 14-18, and Ants 14-16

Milton*** Milton has been seeing some action but, still fishing well.  Midges 16-18, Mayflies 10-16, Damsels 10 and Caddis 16 are making up the menu.  Fishing on top with Cripples, Emergers, and Duns durning the non windy periods has been pretty good.  When is it slow or the wind blows try fishing under and indicator with Midges and Callibeatis nymphs or, slow strip Damsels on a sinking line.

Big Milton Bow

Big Milton Bow

See you on the water



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