Fly Fishing Report July 5, 2016

Hope you had a great weekend.  The fishing in the area was super busy this past weekend.  I saw Anglers were checking out all the water we have to offer.  For those that like small streams they are in good shape now and will be for the next couple weeks.  Also, the tributaries to Lake Tahoe are open as of July 1st and are worth a look.

Truckee **-*** The flows in town are up from the last report 198cfs and at Boca they are down to 429cfs with afternoon water temps up to 60-62 degrees.  The fishing here has been hot and cold.  One day is great and the next you swear there weren’t any fish.  When it is acting tough switch to a different body of water.  The dry dropper rig is pretty effective for prospecting the Truckee and other places.  There are Stones 8-10, Little Yellow Stones 14, BWO’s 14-16, Midges 16-18, and Caddis 14-16 out and about.

Little Truckee***  The flow has dropped to 82cfs and I didn’t take a tem. It’s cold.  There have been some good hatches throughout the day BWO’s 16-18. PMD’s 14, Caddis16-18, Little Yellow Stones 14-16, and Midges18-20.  These fish saw a good amount of pressure this last week and you will need to adapt you tactics.  Wear appropriate colored clothing and quietly position yourself to make good presentations.  Repeatedly flogging the water will not work here.  Try it without the indicator.

North Yuba***  The water is cold and the flows are steadily dropping here. This is great for the small rod and Dry Fly.  Stoneflies 8-10, Caddis 14, Ants 10-12, and a few Mayflies 12-16 are coming off here.  Still good Dry Fly action throughout the day.  !Caution!  I did see a rattlesnake in one the of the more popular trails last week. And right off the road! First one in more than 10 years.

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede***  This is the place when the Truckee is being a bitch and the Little Truckee is crowded hit up the Smallmouth.   There is a ton of new cover with all the weeds and willows being flooded.  The bass should be moving into this cover to hang out.  All of your trout flies will work for them just give it a shot.

Milton**-*** It can be finicky at times.  There are Midges 18-22, Calibeatis 14, March Browns 14, Damsels 14 and Ants 10 when the wind blows in the afternoon.  Nymphing under an indicator and slow stripping Mayfly and Damsel nymphs has been good to keep you in fish.

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See you on the water,


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