Fly Fishing Report June 8, 2017

The fishing is good for those willing to invest the time.  Yeah, the water is high but, the trout are fat and sassy.  If the rivers are too much the reservoirs are fishing great!  Boca and Stampede are nearly full.  Prosser is filling slowly.  The bugs are starting to make there appearances including the mosquitos.  Time to start carrying the bug spray.

Truckee River **  The flows in town are 2,000cfs and 3,100cfs at Boca.  Water temps have been getting to the low 50’s mid-day. Water master kicked up the Tahoe release 500cfs since last report.  It is still a nymphing and streamer game here.  Fish the soft margins and edges.  Hang on cause the fish are big and strong!  Use 2x or 3x tippet.  Try Pats Rubber Legs 10, Poxyback Golden Stones 8-10, Copper Johns 10-16, Micro May 16-18, SJW’s, Pheasant tails 14-18,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 12-16, and Princes 10-16.  Streamers in green, white, and black have all worked.

Little Truckee River**-***  The flows here are 634cfs and water temps are in the mid 40’s.  Nice little mid-day BWO hatch going here with some March Browns mixed in too.  Not many fish looking up at this time.  That will change.  Nymphing and streamers are the game here as well.Try Pats Rubber Legs 10, Copper Johns 10-16, Micro May 16-18, SJW’s, PMD 16-18, Midges 16-20, Pheasant tails 14-18,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 12-16, and Princes 10-16.  Streamers same as the Truckee.  Woolley Buggers and Sclupzilla patterns have been popular with the trout.

Prosser, Boca, Stampede***  Prosser is still pretty low but filling slowly.  Boca and Stampede are both almost full.  Fishing has been great in the inlets and around the shoreline.  Calibeatis are around but not in numbers to get the fishes attention.  Nymphing and Streamers are the ticket.  A wide range of patterns have been working it is just a matter of getting it at the right depth in front of a fish.

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See you on the water,


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