Fly Fishing Report March 6, 2018

Better late than never!  Winter showed up Big time last week with over 70″ of snow at Alpine in just 4 days.  Skiing has been really good and this was a cold storm with only about 6″ of water content.   More snow is forecast for the end of this week as well.  Great for our summer water flows.

It has been cold so again ski in the morning and fish in the Afternoons.  With all of this new snow access to both the Truckee and Little Truckee will be an issue.  May have to trudge  through some snow to reach the water.  Some parking areas are now snow storage. Lots of Little Winter Stones, Midges, Sqwallas, and BWO’s out and about.  Again, no need to start early.

Remember, we are in “Winter Regulations” mode.  This means sections of rivers that are open for fishing are: the Truckee from Trout Creek to the state line and the Little Truckee between Boca and Stampede.  Winter regulations on both rivers  are artificial lures, barbless hooks, and zero kill.  The reservoirs are open year-round with general trout regulations.

Truckee River **  The flows in Town are 76cfs and at Boca 441cfs.  Mid-day water temps have been cooler and in the mid 30’s.    The fish are coming up for Sqwallas 10, BWO’s 16-18, Little Winter Stones16, and Midges 18-22.  No need to hit it early mid to late afternoon has been perfect and when this front passes in a couple days we will be back at it.

Little Truckee **  The flows here are at 41cfs and water temps are in the high 30’s.  The same bugs are hatching here as on the Truckee.  Overcast days might bring out more BWO’s.

Proser, Boca, and Stampede**  All are open year-round.  With the recent weather changes this may have started to freeze over again and access because of deep snow will be an issue.

Montana this Summer?  Great fishing, Great Guides, and Great places to spend some time chasing fish.  I have spots still open give me a call and I will get you the details.

See you on the water,


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