Fly Fishing Report – May 5, 2013

The official first week of the 2013 fishing season is in the net.  Had awesome weather until today when we got some thunderstorms in the afternoon.  It is okay we need the water.  Typical early season stuff going on here lots of indicator work with the occasional dry fly opportunity.   Nice fish are being hooked and not always landed!  I have noticed some fish still spawning so how about we give those guys and gals a break and let them do there business.

Truckee River**-***  The Truckee has some different personalities right now.  Flows in Town are around 225 cfs and very fishable.  At Boca the flow is up to 714 today.  The water temp will very in each secton.  Mornings in the High 40’s and afternoons hitting 55. Still fishable just need more lead.  Indicator nymphing or streamers are the ticket.  Quite a bit of midges and beatis coming off with the sparatic march brown as well.  Stones and caddis  are also poking around down below the surface as well.  For nymphs try PT’s 16-12, Haresear 16-12, Prince Nymph 16-8, Copper Johns 14-12, SJW, Micro Mays 16-18 and zebra Midge 20-18.  For Streamers Olive or Black Crystal Buggers 6.

Little Truckee River**  The flows on the LT went up this week to 450cfs.  This can make wading more difficult so watch your step.  Pretty similar to the Truckee with Beatis and Midges coming off most afternoons.  Still a fair amount of small winter stones as well.  Had a few short sessions with small dries but, most nymphing has been the ticket.  Copper Johns 20-18, PT’s 20-18, Mirco Mays 18-16, Haresear 18-16, SJW’s, Zebra Midge 20-18, and Brassie 18-16.

I will post when I have ventured on to the reservoirs which I hope is next week.

See you on the water,


Truckee Brown Trout

Another Brownie


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