Fly Fishing Report October 16, 2012

Starting tomorrow I will be on vacation and not answering email or my phone.  If you are looking for guide service call Jay 530-414-1655.

Overall the fishing has been pretty good.  Flows have remained steady in all locations and the water temps are gradually dropping.  Still picking up fish on the Truckee and LT.  The   reservoirs are also fishing pretty well from shore or floating device.  Very few people out during the week.  The weather has been pretty amazing but, I am ready for a change.

Truckee River **-***  The Truckee is fishing good with consistent flow.  The temps are in the low 50’s in the morning and low 60’s in the late afternoon.  Still lots of smaller Mayflies, Caddis, and Midges 16-22 out and about.   Sometimes the fish are up and sometimes not.  Nymphing is the best bet followed by tossing some streamers around.

The Little Truckee River**  The Kokanee and Browns are in full spawning mode now.  If you see a pair of fish digging and doing their thing, let them!  There is some smaller fish taking little bugs on the surface.  Mayflies, Midges 18-22, and some smaller Stones 16 coming off mid-day.

Boca and Stampede*** The Boca inlet is fishing pretty great with Calibeatis on the surface until the wind comes up then stripping nymphs 14-16 just under the surface will do the trick.  Stripping smaller Steamers 8-10 on a intermediate line has been effective at Stampede.  Fish seemed to be in water 6-10 feet deep.  Not nearly as many calibeatis out here and the surface water temp is 57-59 degrees at mid-day.  Haven’t been to Prosser recently but I’ll bet the same activity is happening there as well.  Watch out for the mud!

Stampede rainbow

See you on the water when I return,





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