Fly Fishing Report Truckee Area April 16, 2013

The ski season for me has come to and an end yet, there is a fresh dusting of snow in the yard this morning.  It feels like it will be strange spring with sun and then the occasional dump of snow.  We have already had some nice days with air temps in the 60’s.  Not much water content to the snow we had there year so runoff will be quick and light, most has already happened.   Access is good all around the area just beware of the mud!  We are still in the winter fishing mode with the general opener on 4/27.

Truckee River **  The Truckee below trout creek is open and the flow are good @220 cfs.  The flows @ Boca are 547cfs.  These could go up but probably not by much without a good rain event.  The water temps have been getting into the upper 40’s.  Fish during the heat of the day.  There have been some BWO’s, Winter Stones, and Squwala’s coming off.  A few fish are looking up but, it is still a nymphing or streamer game.  All of the standard patterns work, the fish are sluggish still and you have to put right on them to get a take.  This will change as it warms up.

Little Truckee River**  The flows on the LT are at a nice 239cfs and the water temps are in the mid 40’s.  Midges, BWO’s, and Winter Stones are hatching most afternoons.  The fish have seen some action this winter and you need to recognize the rise forms and fish accordingly.  Also, the rainbows will be spawning over the next several weeks so watch out for the mating pairs and leave them to their business!

Prosser, Boca, Stampede  Have not been out recently to the lakes but, can imagine there are some opportunistic fish cruising the shoreline on the warmer days.

If you are looking to hone your skills now is the prefect season to set up a class with me.  The fishing will be good early this year and you will have the whole summer to use your new found skills.

See you on the water,



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