Truckee Area Fly Fishing Report July 30th, 2018

This Truckee Area Fly Fishing Report will focus on the better Stillwater Fly Fishing Options in the area.  As the river starts to get warm there is no need to give up on fly fishing.  Try something else. Smallmouth Bass in Stampede and Prosser reservoirs.  Brown Trout in Milton reservoir.

Stampede and Prosser Reservoir Fly Fishing Report

The fly fishing in Stampede and Prosser Reservoirs is excellent for Smallmouth Bass.  Topwater action is good early in the day.  Indicator nymphing and streamers are the ticket during the middle of the of the day.

Stampede and Prosser Reservoir Conditions

The lake level is really nice at Stampede with the surface water temp at noon of 74 degrees.  At Prosser the lake level is still pretty nice and I did not take a temp but it is similar to Stampede.

Stampede and Prosser Reservoir Smallmouth Tactics

Early and late top water Poppers were working pretty darn well.  If you don’t have any poppers strip a big bushy trout fly like a Stimulator.  During the middle of the day nymphing with midges, callibeatis, and balanced leeches gets it done.  Probably they will eat most any trout fly.  The dams have the best structure but any rocky section of shoreline will hold Smallies.

Smallmouth Flies

Your standard poppers will work just fine including Sneaky Pete’s.  In a pinch big bushy trout flies size 8 or bigger will work

Nymphs for Smallmouth  Pats Rubber legs 8-12, Flashback Pheasant Tail 12-16, Haresear 14-16, Birds nest 12-16, and Prince Nymphs 8-14.

Streamers for Smallmouth Black or Green Woolley Buggers 4-8,  Balanced leeches 6-10, and Maribou Leeches 6-10.

Stampede and Prosser Reservoir Summary

The trout fishing here is done until it cools down again in the fall.  However the Smallmouth Bass fishing is excellent both top water or subsurface.  Find the rocky structure and have a good time.

Milton Reservoir Fly Fishing Report

Milton Reservoir is a good choice for the flyfisher this time of year.  Plenty of fish and, best of all, cold water.  This is a small tailwater fed reservoir below Jackson Meadows Reservoir best fished from float tubes, prams, and kayaks.

Milton Reservoir conditions

Milton Reservoir is crystal clear and the level is good.  The mid-day surface temp was 55 degrees.  The weeds and grasses around the edges are fully grown.

Milton Reservoir Tactics

Every day is different at Milton.  Plan for Dry Fly action, nymphing, and stripping bugs on a sinking line.  Some days all three will get the fish but, I find nymphing under an indicator to be the most productive this time of year.  The Big Ants are done.

Milton Reservoir Flies

Dry flies can range from the smallest of Midges18-24, to Callibeatis 14-16, and even some Caddis 14-16.  Parachute Adams 14-20, Quigley Cripples 14-16, E/C Caddis 14-16, Hendrickson 14-18, and Griffiths Gnat 16-20.

Nymphs:  Pheasant Tails 12-16, Flashback Pheasant Tail 12-16, Haresear 14-16, Birds nest 12-16, Sheep’s Creek 12-16, midges 18-22, Soft Hackles 14-16, and Damsel fly 10-12.

Streamers:  Woolley Bugger 6-10, Leeches 6-10, Matuka 8-10, and Sculpzilla 4.

Milton Reservoir Fly Fishing Report Summary

Milton Reservoir is fishing good for Brown Trout.  This Milton is a beautiful, sometimes challenging, all-day alternative to the local rivers.  It is best to bring your floating device to get the best access to where the fish are.

If Stillwater Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass or Trout is your thing, Four Seasons Fly Fishing is the go to Guide Service in the the Truckee Area.  I specialize in fishing the Truckee Area rivers and reservoirs.   Give me a Call and we’ll set up your next Fly Fishing Adventure.  530-386-0525

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