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A cool release tool for the Truckee and beyond

This post is about #notouchreleasetool. that I came across earlier this month while on my Hosted trip in #Montana. We had come into a nice pod of fish and our outfitter Jim Mitchell was using this little thing to quickly release the fish and get us back in action. The action was fast and furious as we floated through the run and on to the next. In the next run the same thing happened. Hooked a fish played to the boat and Jim reached out grabbed the leader with one hand, hooked the leader with the tool, lifted, and the fish was off. No net, no need to drop anchor, no touching the fish, and no lost time. Pretty darn cool. I bought one!

A couple of points for using the tool. First, it works well on a longer zinger so you have room to clear your vest or other junk hanging off you. Second, your flies don't get tangled in the net. With the newer hook styles having a little more curve to the point I have found that they tangle easily in my net, not now. Now that I do not have to use my net. Third, given the low water, warm water situation that we are in now this little tool is going to put less stress on the fish. And, finally with a little practice it can be very fast.

Here is a couple video of it in action.

At this time you can get one of these cool tools here.

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