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Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Report July 25th, 2021

This report will focus on the Truckee River and other fishable options given the current conditions. The Truckee continues to have stable flows although the water temps are climbing. Go figure, it has been warm up here. Remember that water you are seeing in the Truckee right now is coming off the top of Lake Tahoe, it is 70+ degrees. With that being said, the Dept of F&W has issued a "Voluntary Hoot Owl" restriction for several areas of the state and the Truckee River is one of those areas. Basically, you should be done fishing by noon and limit fishing to when the water temps are below 67 degrees to help protect the resource. Here is the link for more information.

Okay, with that said, yes, we have been fishing. Yes, it has been good. Yes, we are wrapping up before noon on some days. The fish are looking up and the Dry Fly action has been good. I have been approached by several anglers that are euro nymphing and wanting to know why they aren't hooking up. Well, maybe you're doing something wrong, got the wrong fly, or the fish are looking up and the nymphs are underneath them? Just my perspective. Anyway, the fly fishing has been good early. It is going to change so get out there now while you still can. Handle the fish you catch with care.

Finally got a fish on the dry

Truckee River Conditions

The current flows are 360cfs in Truckee and 470cfs at Boca. Look for these to drop at anytime. There is only so much water in Tahoe. Water temps are 60-62 in the morning and hitting 67 by 11:30 or so. Follow the thermometer. Clarity is good.

Truckee River Tactics

The Truckee River Tactics for this time of year are pretty easy: Dry or Dry/Dropper with the appropriate sized bugs. The Bugs have gotten smaller so it is time to downsize. Not saying that nymphing techniques won't work, it is just Dry Fly season and I like to see the take. Suspend that nymph higher in the water column and see what happens. Make good presentations and move if you are not hooking up.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

The big bugs have mostly come and gone but make good indicator flies for dry/dropper rigs like the Double Dutch 8-10, Royal Wluff 10-12, or Chubby flies. Other dries; Yellow Sally 14-16 Parachute Adams 12-22, Stimulator 12-16, Ants 14-16, Quigley Cripple 16-20, Thorax Dun 14-18, Hackle Stacker 14-18, and Compara Dun 16-20. For nymphs; Pat's rubber leg 8-10, Green Drake 8-10, 20 incher 8-10, Poxyback Golden Stones 8-10, Iron Salley 14-16, Haresear 12-14, Burks Bottom Roller 14-16, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Pheasant Tail 14-20, Flashback PT 14-20, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 12-16 and Princes 10-14.

Truckee River Summary

The Truckee River is fishing good early in the day. Better for those that can make a good presentation with a Dry Fly. Fish now while there is still water and remember the voluntary "Hoot Owl" restrictions and wrap up by noon.

Other Truckee Area Options

The Little Truckee River is an option and is 42cfs. This is a low flow and the lower half of the river between Stampede and Boca is getting above 67 degrees every afternoon as well. Expect to see a lot of anglers here. Small bugs, long leaders, and light tippet are needed to fool these experienced trout.

Going to need a bigger net

For those willing to make the drive, Milton Reservoir is fishing well. This lake is colder than most places right now and very clear. Small bugs are the most effective but Hoppers are starting to appear around the lake and those fish seem to always want a Big Ant. Small Dries, Dry/dropper, and indicator nymphing is all working at different times of the day.

Closer to home Prosser and Stampede Reservoirs offer smallmouth bass. You don't have to go to just the dams, anywhere there is structure will hold bass and there are a lot of them. Indicator nymphing or sinking lines work well to get into the zone. Evening popper fishing can be fun too. Trout flies work just fine on the these fish so nothing fancy needed here.

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