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Four Dry Flies for Truckee in the Summer

I going to keep this post to Dry Flies that see a lot of time at the end of my tippet. These flies fall into two categories: prospecting flies and match the hatch flies. My first #dryfly choices are; #Stimulator, #parachuteadams, #eccaddis, and #rustyspinner. The Stimulator in the crystal rubber leg version is a great fly for matching our early season Golden Stones in the bigger sizes 6-8, Little Yellow Stones in sizes 12-14, and Caddis in sizes 14-16. A list wouldn't be complete without the Parachute Adams in all sizes. It is a great pattern for most mayfly duns and can easily be colored up with a sharpie to get an even closer match to a particular Mayfly. My next choice is Cutter's E/C Caddis in sizes 14-18. When the caddis are out and about or, not. The E/C Caddis really gets it done. And, my final fly would be the Rusty Spinner in sizes 14-16. This is a "match the hatch" fly where as the others could do double duty. The spinner fall timing can vary and be hard to catch on the Truckee. However, when you do stumble onto fish slurping in the eddie with reckless abandon you'll be glad you had this fly. This list is by no means an end all list but, if you're starting out these flies should get a place in your box. They work all over the west.

The rubber leg Stimulator

The Parachute Adams

The E/C Caddis

The Rusty Spinner

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