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Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Report August 1st, 2020

This report focuses on the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers. Pretty similar to the last report - groundhog day again. The flows have dropped on the Little Truckee and come up slightly on the Truckee. Fishing is getting a little tougher but fish still gotta eat.

Yesterday, around high noon, I witnessed a very large #Browntrout eat an 8 inch #rainbowtrout that my client was attempting to land. My position on the bank was perfect to see the incident go down. The Brown moved off its holding lie about 20 feet away and pounced on the little Rainbow like lighting. Bob gave a tug and the Rainbow popped free only to be eaten again. With this second attempt to eat the Rainbow I watched the Brown flare his gills and attempt to swallow the Rainbow whole. At this point the is doubled over and Bob has both fish on the line. The Brown was having his way with Bob and swimming a figure eight around the little pool and refusing to release his grip on the Rainbow. After about three laps around the pool I jumped in figuring I could net the predator and the prey. Well, as soon as I touched the Brown he jumped, dropped the fish, and the hook came out of the Rainbow. With lighting speed he looped around to suck in the Rainbow and slide deliberately back to his holding lie, meal in mouth. So fish gotta eat. Best to expect the unexpected out there.

Chucky Rainbow

Truckee River Conditions

The Truckee River flows are 297cfs near Truckee and 550cfs at Boca inflow. Water temps have been in the mid 60's by noon. Clarity is good.

Truckee River Tactics

Tactics for the Truckee River at this point of the season are to fish early or late. Use the thermometer to find the best temperature. Fish are looking up early and Dry Flies are a great option. As the water warms Dry/Dropper rigs and nymphing are getting it done. Streamers are worth a shot as well early or late in the day. With the recent Thunder storms there was a nice, although sporadic, mid-day BWO hatch that the fish were on.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

The menu for trout is starting to get a little thinner and smaller. With the exception being some big Stones that are coming out at night.

Dry Flies: Thorax Dun 16-20, Parachute Adams 16-20, Rusty Spinners 14-16, Quigley Cripple 18-20, Royal Wluff 12-16, Double Dutch 8-10, Stimulator 8-12, Crystal Stimulator 10-16, Elk Hair Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14-16, Missing Link Caddis 14-16, Chubby Chernoble 10, Humpy 12-16, and Griffiths Gnat 16-18. For nymphs: Pats Rubber Legs 10-8, Twenty Incher 8-10, Peacock Stones 8-10, Mercer's Poxyback stone 8-10, Soft Hackles 12-16, Prince Nymphs 8-12, Poohpah 14-18, LaFontain Sparkle Pupa 14-16, Burk's Bottom roller 14-16, Mop 10, SJW, Flashback Pheasant Tail 12-16, SJW, Haresear 12-16, Flashback Haresear, Copper Johns 12-16, and Birdsnest 10-16.

Truckee River Summary

The Truckee River has good flows and is continuing to fish well early and late in the day. Pick your style of fly fishing and get out there.

Little Truckee River Conditions

The flows on the Little Truckee have come down to 137cfs. Water temp is good and clarity is good as well.

Little Truckee River Tactics

Tactics for the Little Truckee are to have some patience with the fish and the people. Flows are perfect for some far and fine dry fly fishing. Dry/dropper technique works well at this flow too. There are sporadic hatches of PMD's, small Beatis, and Midges throughout the day. If you spot a working fish, stop and observe its feeding frequency and try to time a cast to that frequency. Its not easy out there.

Little Truckee River Suggested Flies

PMD's, Beatis, and Midges are all out and about. For dry flies: Green Drake 8-10, Parachute Adams 10-20, Griffiths Gnat 16-20, Quigley Cripple 10-18, Royal Wluff 10-14, Thorax Dun 14-18, PMD 16-18, Melon Quill 16-18, Hackle Stacker 16-18, and Compara Dun 14-16. For nymphs: Green Drake 8-10, Micro May 16-18, Rainbow Warrior 16-18, Pheasant Tail 16-18, Flashback PT 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 14-18, Zebra Midge 18-20, RS2 16-18, WD-40 16-18, and HBI 14-16.

Little Truckee River Summary

The Little Truckee flows are perfect for dry and dry/dropper. Expect to see some people and and the fish to be finicky.

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