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Truckee-Tahoe Fly Fishing Report (Steelhead edition) October 21st, 2020

Greetings from the Klamath River. This report will focus on #Klamathriver #steelhead. During the month of October I usually switch my focus from the Truckee area to the Klamath drainage and chase around steelhead for a few weeks both Guiding and doing trips with my friends. October is a great time to be in Northern California and Southern Oregon chasing Steelhead. Weather is great and the leaves are turning making for some really nice scenic days. Check out the slideshow below from my recent trips.

Klamath River Conditions

Klamath River flows are 1,000cfs and fluctuating +/- 50cfs a day. There was a bit of an algae bloom last week but that is gone and the river is back to its usual clarity. Didn't take a temp but the water is warm. Hopefully with this cold front coming in it will cool down some. And, the fish are here!

Klamath River Tactics

Klamath River Tactics for the fly fisher are pretty straight forward. Swinging flies on a floating line or light sink tip and Nymphing under the indicator. Nymphing is generally the more productive method especially as the water get colder. But, Steelhead are aggressive fish and with the water being warm they will eagerly hit a swung fly throughout the day. If the October Caddis are out in large numbers a bit Dry Fly like a Stimulator works really well.

Klamath River Suggested Flies

Klamath River Suggested flies for Nymphing is the standard Leggs and eggs. Heavy Pats Rubber legs 6-8 with or without egg heads, eggs, Kauffman Stone Fly 6-8, Copper John 10-12, October Caddis 10, and prince nymphs 10-14.

Swinging flies are pretty standard patterns like the Silver Hilton 6-8, Green Butt Skunk 6-8, October Caddis 6-8, Western Coachman 6-8, Tiger Paw 6-8, and Purple Peril 6-8.

Klamath River Summary

In summary the Klamath River Steelhead are showing up. Fishing has been good and suspect with a little cooler weather that is in the forecast it should get even better. Nymphing or Swinging techniques will both take fish at this time. Probably even get one to eat a dry fly.

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