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Four Dry Flies for Early Summer

Now that the solstice is past us trout tend to start looking up for their meals more regularly here in the #Truckee-Tahoe area. Here are four #dryflies to start the summer off with when looking to get the surface takes. The first fly really needs no introduction. The #ParachuteAdams is a work horse fly and one you shouldn't leave home without in all sizes. The post makes it easy to see and it covers a lot of bugs. Best in the slower sections of rivers and streams as well as lakes. Use a sharpie to change the color and you save space in the box for other flies. The second fly is a newer pattern and gets the attention of Trout when there are #stonesflies about. Thalkens's #DoubleDutch in the bigger sizes just seems to work magic on the fish that can't decide. It also makes a good platform to support a nymph dropper. This third fly is awesome too Cutter's E/C Caddis. When caddis are out and about this fly is amazing. Heck, even when there is nothing happening this fly gets a look from fish. Don't head out to the smaller creeks or backcountry lakes without it. Last on the list is the Crystal #Stimulator Rubber Legs in size 16. This combo is also good in the fast choppy water where the Adams may be hard to see. Works good to imitate #Caddis and #LittleYellowStones.

This is certainly not the end all list but gives you a good place to start early summer before the crowds have stung the fish and they start to want more exact imatations. Give them a try you won't be disappointed you probably be hooked up.

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