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Pro Tips Gear Update

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Just got back from #theflyfishingshow in Pleasanton,CA this weekend. After getting home looking at my gear, your probably in the same boat and need to change that old worn out line before the trout season gets going. Now is a good time to do it and there are many good choices out there. Here are a couple lines that I use and are newly updated from #orvisflyfishing. The new Orvis Pro series looks really nice with the updated coatings and tapers.

The "Trout" is nice for the far and fine presentation. Allows for a softer presentation if you execute the cast. While the "Power Taper" is great for working in close and chucking big dry/dropper rigs or nymphing setups. It has been my go to line for some time. #orvispro

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