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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report February 15, 2019

The topic of this fly fishing report will be the Truckee River. With the big storm coming this weekend the access to the Truckee and especially the Little Truckee will be Problematic. Where we would normally park is now snow storage or bermed in. X-C skis or snowshoes will be needed to get to some locations. It is definitely winter here.

We are also in the Winter Regulations time of year which means zero kill, artificial lures, or flies, and only certain sections of the rivers are open. Consult you regulations here

Truckee River Conditions

The flows on the Truckee last week week were 109cfs in town and 319cfs at Boca. Afternoon water temps were 38-40 degrees. There was some anchor ice in places. The water was low and clear. Today the snow is deep and the flows are up 355cfs in town and 1,020cfs at Boca, off color and dropping. Things should clear and the air temps drop.

Truckee River Tactics

Currently, nymphing is the most productive method. Fishing the heat of the day will be the most productive, no need to start early. Whether it is deep nymphing under an indicator or shallow under a dryfly try and see if you can spot the fish you're trying to catch. The fish are cold and not moving far to eat a fly. The deep, slower water, is where the fish are holding. There have been some hatches of Midges and BWO’s but they are of super short duration.

Suggested Nymphs

For nymphs try Pats Rubber Legs 6-10, Twenty Incher 8-10, Prince Nymphs 8-10, Zebra Midges 16-18, Copper John 16-20, Birdsnest 16-18, Flashback Pheasant Tail 14-18, SJW, Haresear 14-16, and Micro May 16-18.

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report Summary

Winter is here! The access is going to get difficult with the new snow. Fish the slow, deep water during the heat of the day.

Upcoming Events

The Fly Fishing Show is Coming to Pleasanton CA. Febuary 22, 23, and 24. I will be in the Orvis Booth on Friday the 22nd in the afternoon and all day on the 24th. Stop by and say Hi!

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