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Truckee Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report July 17th, 2019

The fly fishing in the Truckee Tahoe Area continues to be excellent. Conditions really couldn't be better for Dry Fly action. Lots of bugs out and about and the fish are eating them. The Truckee River is kicking down some pretty healthy fish as well. We have been out exploring other waters this week and found some nice surprises in our High Country Streams. Haven't been paying too close of attention to the Little Truckee River it doesn't change much this time of year just gets busy. All in all many great options for the fly fisher in the Truckee Tahoe Area.

Clinics and Guide Service

We have added a couple of clinics coming up and the first is the Truckee Area Sampler July 24th and 25th. Second is a Women's only intro Clinic on August 17th. You can get the details here:

Four Seasons Fly Fishing is the Premier #Orvis endorsed #Guide service in the Truckee Tahoe Area. We offer trips walk/wade and boat trips on the local Reservoirs. We also offer #flyfishingclinics for beginners to experts in all styles of Fly Fishing and available anytime. Give us a call to book your adventure today. 530-386-0525

Sweet Brown Trout from this weeks adventures

Truckee River Conditions

The Truckee River Flows are 149cfs in town and 507cfs at Boca. The mid-day temps have been in 58-60 degree range. With the warmer weather look for temps to keep climbing up. Been a slow climb this year! The clarity is excellent.

Truckee River Tactics

Tactics for Truckee River are pretty much whatever you want to try. Dry and Dry/Dropper techniques are working pretty much all day. You can nymph but why, when the fish are moving to the surface. Streamers fished early and late will get a fish or two. It seems as though the fish have been focused on Mayflies but, are now looking to Caddis patterns as well.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

So many flies and so little time to fish them all. For Dry Flies: Stimulator 6-12, Cubby Chernoble 6-8, Foam Ant 6-8, Parachute Adams 12-16, Red Quill 12-14, Grey Drake 12-14, Compara Dun 12-14, Elk Hair Caddis 14-16, Humpy 10-12, Quigley Cripple12-14, Rusty Spinner 12-14, and E/C Caddis 14-16 . For nymphs: Pats Rubber Legs 6-10, Twenty Incher 8-10, Peacock Stones 6-8, Soft Hackles 12-14, Green Drake nymph 8-10, Prince Nymphs 8-10, Burk's Bottom roller 10-12, Mop Fly 10, Flashback Pheasant Tail 14-18, SJW, Haresear 10-14, Copper Johns 12-14, Iron Sallies, Z wing Caddis 14-16, Soft Hackles, and Mercer's Poxyback Golden Stone 8-10. For Streamers try Sculpzilla 8-4, Woolley Buggers 6-8, and Sparkle Minnows 4.

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report Summary

The Truckee River is fishing really well right now. The fish are looking up and taking many different flies so you may have to change a few time to get the grab. Conditions are excellent for all styles of Fly Fishing.

Beautiful Brook Trout

Little Truckee River Conditions

The flows on the Little Truckee River are 124cfs at this time. Not much changes week to week here. Check my previous report for suggestions on the Little Truckee

High Country Stream Conditions

The High Country Streams are coming into condition. Some areas are still really effected by the snow that is still on the ground and will not fish well for another few weeks or month. Other streams are perfect right now. Flows are really good and I have found mid-day water temps ranging from 42 degrees to 62 degrees so better use that thermometer to get into the best conditions. Mayflies, Caddis, and Little Yellow Stones are all in play right now. The Mosquitoes are hungry too so don't forget the bug spray.

High Country Stream Tactics

High Country Stream Tactics are as variable as any other river. We go there to fish Dry Flies to super eager fish that think it is the last meal they will ever get. Wear some appropriate drab colored clothing, grab the Superfine rod, sneak up on the holes, and execute a cast to your target. Generally, you will get a grab.

High Country Stream Suggested Flies

Fly select for the High Country shouldn't be to complicated. A few Mayflies, Caddis flies, Midges, and Little Yellow stones and your arsenal is complete go have fun. For Dry Flies try: Parachute Adams 10-16, Quigley Cripples 10-16, Elk Hair Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14-16, Griffiths Gnat 16-20, and Yellow Stimulator 14-16.

High Country Stream Summary

Now is the time to start checking out the High Country Streams. Some are prime right now and the highest areas are probably a month out. Keep it simple, keep it light, and go have some fun. Don't forget the bug spray!

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