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Truckee Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report June 28th, 2019

Great news! The flows are down on the Truckee River and the fishing is super. Get it while you can because after this week the fish are going to be smarter. We are enjoying some cooler weather this week and so are the fish. Really could't be a better run up for the holiday week. Biggest thing is to follow the thermometer. Some of our waters are still pretty cold and so are the fish. Where the temps are good, like 50 plus, there are some good hatches and fish are looking up. Great days ahead.

The reservoirs continue to fish well and access to Milton Reservoir is open. Some nice smallmouth have been caught in Prosser Reservoir. Milton Reservoir report is coming up below. These reservoirs and others could be the ticket if your favorite hole on the river is taken.

With the holiday weekend coming up the waterways will be busy. Give each other some respect out there and say Hello.

Clinics and Guide Service

Four Seasons Fly Fishing is the Premier #Orvis endorsed #Guide service in the Truckee Tahoe Area. We offer trips walk/wade and boat trips to all three of these Reservoirs. We also offer #flyfishingclinics for beginners to experts in all styles of Fly Fishing and available anytime. Give us a call to book your adventure today. 530-386-0525

This bad boy brown ate a dry fly.

Truckee River Conditions

The Truckee River flow is 366cfs is town and 845cfs below boca. Water temps have been 54 degrees mid-day. Expect when it warms again for the temps to rise quickly past 60. The clarity is great but that will also change with the rafting churning it up a bit. Conditions overall are excellent.

Truckee River Tactics

The Tactics for the Truckee River are changing. With these flows and temp regime all styles are in play. You can probably put the indicator rig down for part of the day and fish some #BigDryFlies. Yep fish are looking up for those bugs that are now popping off mid-day on. It is the spring smorgasbord of bugs out there and you may have to change a few times to get the eats. Streamer fishing should be good early and late.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

Suggested Flies for the Truckee River would be all of them. All of the Mayflies and Stoneflies are in play. Caddis seem to be a minor player at the moment but, with all of the larva in the water that will change. For Dry Flies try Stimulator 6-12, Cubby Chernoble 6-8, Foam Ant 6-8, Parachute Adams 12-16, Red Quill 12-14, Grey Drake 12-14, Compara Dun 12-14 and Royal Wulff 10-12 . For nymphs try attractor patterns and bugs on the bigger side: Pats Rubber Legs 6-10, Twenty Incher 8-10, Peacock Stones 6-8, Soft Hackles 12-14, Green Drake nymph 8-10, Prince Nymphs 8-10, Burk's Bottom roller 10-12, Flashback Pheasant Tail 14-18, SJW, Haresear 10-14, Copper Johns 12-14, Iron Sallies, and Mercer's Poxyback Golden Stone 8-10. For Streamers try Sculpzilla 8-4, Woolley Buggers 6-8, and Sparkle Minnows 4.

Truckee River Summary

The Truckee River is in prime shape right now. Water flow is down, water temps are good, water clarity is good, and bugs are coming off. No reason not to give it a shot.

Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee has been pretty consistent and the flows are down a quite a bit here too. Refer to my previous report here:

How about those cheeks! Milton Brown

Milton Reservoir Conditions

The road to Jackson Meadows is open and so is the road to Milton Reservoir. The water level is perfect and the water temperature is cold don't even have to take a temp here. Morning was slow but it got going in the afternoon. There are various Midges and Mayflies hatching mid-day on. Grey Drakes and Mahogany Duns were the predominate bugs out and about. The Ant bite was not happening and neither were streamers.

Milton Reservoir Tactics

Milton Reservoir tactics usually mean bring a fist full of rods and try dry, dry/dropper, indicator rig, and sinking line setups. The dry/dropper was marginally successful with midges. The indicator setup with midge and mayfly nymphs was the ticket. Didn't even get a follow on the sinking lines with nymphs or streamers.

Milton Reservoir Suggested Flies

For Dry flies try Parachute Adams 12-20, Grey Drake 10-12, Mahogany Dun 14-16, PMD 14-16, Griffiths Gnat 16-10, Quigley Cripple 16-18, Royal Wluff 10-14, Thorax Dun 14-16, and Compara Dun 12-16. For nymphs try Micro May 16-18, Soft hackles 14-18, Pheasant Tail 14-18, Flashback PT 14-18, Juju beatis 16-18, Copper Johns 14-18, Zebra Midge 18-20, RS2 16-18, and WD-40 16-18.

Milton Reservoir Summary

Milton Reservoir is in good shape right now road is open. Don't need to get there too early the afternoon was much more active then the morning. Most action is subsurface but that will change as it warms up.

Other suggestions for the Holiday week

Again Prosser, Boca, and Stampede are fishing well for trout and smallmouth bass. With the road to Jackson Meadows open there are tons of small creek opportunities that are open now. Should also consider the North Yuba as flows have dropped to fishable levels over there too.

Have a good Holiday Week!

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